Shipping costs

Unlike the costs of our products, shipping costs can vary based on a number of factors such as size of order, destination and method of dispatch. Your full order is thoroughly checked, itemised and packed ready for exporting and you will receive your shipping quotation once this is done.

Delivery time

As with delivery cost, the delivery time varies also. Again, this will depend on factors such as the time of year, order size and destination. Our expertise, experience and relationship with freight agents and customs houses means that your order will be with you in the quickest time possible.

Tax and duties

You, as the customer, are liable to pay any taxes and duties. We offer the following Intercoms: Ex Works (EXW), Carriage, Insurance and Freight (CIF), Delivered at Place (DAP), Delivered, Duty Paid (DDP). Please contact us if you require further information on this.